Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited Low FLHTKL

At 5ft 5 inches with a short leg length finding a motorcycle to tour the world on is hard work… luckily Harley-Davidson to the rescue with the Ultra Limited Low!

Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited Low Review

With a low seat height of just 685mm, its one of the lowest sat touring bikes on the market, but a low seat is nothing without the full short reach setup; clutch and brake lever, lowered front and rear suspension, seat and extended side stand. This bike is designed to be one of the most comfortable on the road today and ergonomically this bike is amazingly easy to ride.

Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited Low Front

The relaxed seating position means you’re comfortable on the road. The short reach bars fall in exactly the right place and the layout of the controls is perfect as everything is at your touch. The 6.5” infotainment screen is a big part of what makes this bike good. Bluetooth, USB and FM radio are all available, SatNav (every UK dealership is pre-programmed in), Rider/Passenger intercom and vehicle information can all be viewed on screen as you cruise across the country. The BOOM! BOX ™ sound system on this bike is amazing, it might not make much difference to some but if you want to show off to your mates on a ride out; you’re parked up for a while, you can blast some tunes out and really impress.

Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited Low Daymaker

This bike really does work but when you first climb aboard, if you aren’t used to big touring motorcycles, it may feel a little intimidating. This is mainly due to the size and weight of the bike. It’s heavy, with a running weight of 414kg. It’s big with a wheelbase of 1625mm. However it’s built to tour the world and with the entire luggage kit attached you can do just that, so weight is something to be expected.

Whilst you’re off travelling the world or heading north to John O’Groats you’re bound to hit a bit of wet weather but the Ultra Limited offers some of the best weather protection I have ever experienced. This is in mainly because, unlike most motorcycles, you don’t sit ON the Ultra Limited, you sit IN it. The fairing is wider than usual and creates a cocoon to protect you from the elements.


This bike can dip low and can get you down and round the tightest bends across Europe, but due to the weight if you aren’t used to this type of bike it may take some getting used to, again the first time can be quite an experience. However because of the weight you don’t really feel many bumps in the road which really adds to the comfortable experience this bike provides.

Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited Low Seat


Where the Ultra Limited really comes into its own is comfort, as I mentioned previously the ergonomics are second to none, it’s a very well thought out bike and nicely designed. Climbing aboard the Ultra Limited Low and sitting back it’s like being in an arm chair and for the pillion it’s even better when you have the full Touring Pack. My colleague Mark took his son on a 500 mile ride around Lincolnshire, Skegness and Whitby, his son fell asleep in the pillion seat! This although we don’t advise really does demonstrate how comfortable and relaxing the ride is.

Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited Low Engine

Performance & Maintenance

The engine is another really strong point, the 1690 twin cam 103 is liquid cooled and used across a variety of motorcycles in the Harley range. It’s versatile and full of torque to get this big touring machine around the world. Maintenance is easy, for the first 100 miles it’s recommended that you pay some respect to the metal but beyond that these bikes are setup ready to take you, wherever you want to go. Chrome is a harder wearing material than ever before so cleaning is kept to a minimum and servicing occurs once every 5000 miles or annually – whichever comes first!

All in all it’s a great bike, comfortable, full of torque and ready to go wherever you want. Luggage comes as standard with plenty of upgrades available if you need a bit more storage. Rider to Pillion radios come with the bike so you can talk to each other. All you need is a destination.